Trip to Mount Fuji

I’m into hiking lately so I decided to try climbing the most famous mountain in Japan. I hiked in an easy, medium, and hard trails before trying my luck in Mount Fuji. It is best to be prepared so I’m sharing here all the preparations I have done for the hike, but before that, hereContinue reading “Trip to Mount Fuji”

Free-style Okinawa Trip

We went to Okinawa for a 4-day trip during the beginning part of Golden Week 2021. Golden Week is a series of national Japan holidays that normally starts at the end of April and ends at the beginning of May. For this Golden Week trip, I booked places in Okinawa, then just did things nearContinue reading “Free-style Okinawa Trip”

Things to do in Japan

Are you in Japan? Are you a “gaijin”? Most important thing, are you “baka”? (you don’t need to be, but the site is Baka Gaijin so I just want to include this question, gotta stick to the theme! haha) Well, you are in luck because I am about to share with you, through this post,Continue reading “Things to do in Japan”

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