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Yoroshiku! Baka Gaijin Desu!

Hi, I’m Vina, a professional “baka gaijin”.

I am living and working in Japan for more than 3 years. I am a Software Engineer by day, and an aspiring blogger by night (just on Sundays though). I decided to do something more meaningful on my “hima” (free) days so I started this blog. I feel like I have these useful (/useless) experiences or information within me that I want to share with everyone especially things that are related to Japan and “gaijin” (foreigner). — We are “baka” because we know how to have fun. — I hope you will enjoy reading my posts, and that it will help you in some ways.

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Yoroshiku ne! *wink*

Disclaimer: Everything I post are just based on my own experiences. Some situations may apply differently to you.

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